About Us

Hi there! I'm Jaimie, owner and designer at Lavetelier. I never really found jewelry I liked, so I made my own. I strive for timeless, classic, quality pieces with colour and sparkle at an affordable price that won't break the bank. I've purchased jewelry countless times only to have it break or tarnish after a few wears - so frustrating! I started to get really sick of that. Lavetelier is a mix of hand-made jewelry and thoughtfully curated pieces.


I think COVID has had an impact on us all in so many ways and it would be silly to say the pandemic wasn't a part of the decision to start Lavetelier. I saw so many small businesses trying to survive, most of them closing, struggling-  and realized that if we don’t support local, there is no local. Pre-pandemic, I shopped on Etsy here and there but never made a point to make small/local a big priority in my life. That has changed. I wanted to be part of that movement.


When I'm not working on Lavetelier, you can probably find me enjoying time with family & friends, sipping dry martinis or margaritas, working out (I am addicted to Les Mills on Demand & Yoga) or exploring new restaurants and shops in my beautiful city. I try to find happiness and humour in the little things every day. 


I live in midtown Toronto with my amazing husband Brennan, and adorable cat/design assistant, Panda. So lovely to meet you! 



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